Album 13: Power Windows by Rush

When talking about music with friends, which happens more often then I would have thought, we always end up coming back to the same question: Who would be in your dream band? It’s a tough choice that’s in constant state of flux, as sometimes I want John Paul Jones as bassist, other times I want Geddy Lee. No matter how many times I change my mind though, the drummer is always and will forever be Neil Peart, and I’ve got  Power Windows to thank for that.

Released in 1985 while Rush was experimenting with synthesizers, it features what I think is some of the best music Rush has put out outside of 2112 and Moving Pictures. Peart is on his game with the lyrics and of course his drums that go from carrying a beat to going all out on a non-stop two to three minute solo.

Lee is no slouch either, making some of the funkiest  bass grooves for  songs like The Big Money, Marathon, and Emotion Detector proving why I, and many others, consider him one of the best around at his craft.

You can feel the excellence coming from this album from the first track too. The Big Money grooves and moves in the best of ways and carries you all the way to the best song on the album, Marathon. Marathon is so good that when it comes on shuffle while I’m driving, I have no choice but to sing along because I love it.

Emotion Detector and Mystic Rhythms are wonderful songs and I will listen to this, but Marathon is the reason I still come back to this album, my first Rush album. Now I have Exit Stage Left and 2112, but I’ll never forget my first time hearing those sick drum solos that I’ll never be able to do in 100 years.