So What is In The Groove?

While going through a recent large purchase of records, it dawned on me that I had way too many records. It was no longer a hobby, it was a collection that, given time, could grow continuously.

While that sounds perfectly fine at first, the more records I bought, the less I began listening to each one. Sure I had favorites, or an exciting new purchase that I would listen to right away, but otherwise the record would fade into the collection to collect dust until I felt like listening to it again. Some of them were purchased in groups and have not even been listened to once.

Music is, amongst many other things, a way for people to connect and learn. Everyone has a band or song that they praise endlessly, lyrics that they know by heart, and hung up at least one band poster on their bedroom wall while growing up. By not listening to these records, I was passing up on someone’s favorite. So I decided to do something about it, and The Weekly Sound was the answer.

Every month, I will be posting at least one new album analysis. I say analysis, because these are albums that have been reviewed time and time again by people much more professional then I. Instead of reviewing these albums, I’ll be trying to pin down what makes them great, why certain songs stand out (or fail to do so in some cases), and what they may mean to me.

This is a passion project that I am undertaking. There is no grade or paycheck at the end of this, just a better understanding of what music is to different people.

So let’s get started, shall we?