Album 10: Crazy For You by Best Coast

This indie garage surf rock band in the local town of Los Angeles, Ca. is the epitome of LA  just by it’s name, Best Coast.

This group is true image in exposing the focused LA struggles. Relationships, my cat, the beach, my weed, but not necessarily in that order. Well that might differentiate amongst others but it is very accurate with Los Angeles hipsters. The vibe Best Coast ripple out in their songs are relaxed, fun, and original. I’d point out other blogs describe this group with a combination of other artists who have similar sounds, but I’m not musically inclined or educated enough in indie garage bands to give out great examples.

This album in particular not including its following albums(The Only Place and California Nights) has a taste for exposing crushes, fear of commitment to relationships and friends with benefits to a crisp T. Lead singer Bethany Cosentino sings of love’s roller coasters and wanting to be near “him” all the time and often romanticizes the beach and summer sunset.
This album is a taste of falling in love ( with someone who loves you back) for the first time. It’s  different and fresh, with this comfort you weren’t aware of that can electrify you in strange moments. Like shaking a can of soda and opening the lid slowly letting all that carbon fructose fizz spill out.
A lot of the songs involve Bethany crooning over unrequited love, but this in fact is a mislead in the lyrics. I believe this is the album, of crushes and falling in love. In Boyfriend Cosentino belts “I wish he was my boyfriend, I’d love him til the very end, but instead he is just a friend.” In The End she  admits “last night I went out with this guy, this guy, he was nice and cute, but he, he wasn’t you.”  Whoever this he is, she has fallen for him hard.

Don’t listen to this in dim lighting with a candle burning or headphones. Save that stuff for Iron and Wine. Save it for when you’re driving around at 2 am to a local party or during a quick run at a 7/11 for some kick ass slurpees. It’s meant to be felt with headlights on the road ahead and wind in your hair.

This album exemplifies love in its yearning and longing for someone in its lyrics, but ricochets a summer vibe great enough to play at a party, bonfire, or if lucky enough a mix for someone special, and yes people still do that.


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