Album 6: Love Songs by The Beatles

Album 6: Love Songs by The Beatles

Ah, the week before Valentine’s Day. If you listen closely you can hear the sounds of hundreds of thousands of people panicking to make last minute dinner reservations and purchase flowers online. It sounds quite a bit like a car crash, but with the most romantic of intentions.

While you’re out  and wondering what to do to save the date, why not go with a classic and play them a song that you think helps describe how you feel for them. Who better to help with that then The Beatles, writers of some of the best love songs of all time.

Love Songs by The Beatles was released in 1977 by Capitol Records, well after the group had broken up, but still did commercially well. Featuring 24 songs by the group, and one cover of a Buddy Holly, most of these songs will help you woo the date of your dreams (this year).

While I usually am off put by the idea of compilation albums, I have always made an exceptions for the work of The Beatles. With four side, Love Songs uses both well known and little known love songs, making this a wonderful addition to a collection.

While some sides are better than others, each side starts with a hit single including Yesterday and Something (a love song so great that even Frank Sinatra called it the greatest love song of all time) but ending with less appreciated pieces such as Yes It Is and P.S. I Love You, also known as that song from the Gerard Butler movie of the same name that your girlfriend loved so much.

Surprisingly, it’s the lesser known songs that make this album stand out. We’ve all heard the hits time and time again but these more personal songs remind you why this band is still remembered. In My Life shows you the love that John had for his friends and family, while Norwegian Wood explores the awkwardness of one night stands.

So grab your guitar, hit up guitar tabs, and sing your love a song that she may or may not know. Just know that if you didn’t choose Something, then you picked wrong.


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