Album 3: Please Please Me by The Beatles

I have this great book  called 101 Essential Rock Records by Jeff Gold that lists, well, the 101 essential rock albums every  album collector should collect. It’s great, I’m not being paid to say this, and I highly recommend it if you collect records. The very first  album that this massive book suggests is Please Please Me by The Beatles. Guess what my first Beatles album was?

Please Please Me  was released on March 23, 1963  in the United Kingdom  on the Parlophone album label to wide success, hitting the top of the charts soon and staying at the top for 30 weeks.

While not the most evolutionary Beatles album, Please Please Me is the album you can put on for anybody even if they aren’t a Beatles fan.

With eight original songs and six covers from a wide variety of musical sources, Please Please Me pulls you in right away with I Saw Her Standing There. It’s energetic, fun, and shows you that this is band that makes you want to have a good time.

That stays constant throughout the whole album. You want to dance to the great cover of Chains and Twist and Shout, or the original compositions like Love Me Do or Ask Me Why.

This isn’t the best Beatles album ever, but this is the album that starts to really show you who they are. This is the album you play to a younger person to introduce them to one of the best bands in history.

Think they’re overrated, fine play Twist and Shout and dance like you’re Ferris Bueller . Like the older stuff better? Cool, Misery and Do You Want To Know A Secret show the signs of the band coming into their own. Want to tell your significant other that you love them? P.S. I Love You has you covered

In case you can’t tell, I love the Beatles. I have more Beatles albums than any other band. Beatle-May-nia will be less gushy I promise.


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